Our Story

From the dining room to the technology park.

Greg Gossett, Founder & President

Greg Gossett, Founder & President

Artisan Electronics was founded with a specific purpose in mind: to provide reliable solutions to customer problems. For too long, founder Greg Gossett saw technical issues go unsolved. Trustworthy companies who understood the DoD were in short supply.

So Greg started Artisan Electronics out of his dining room. For several years, the team was small—only a handful of people. Over time, we grew our customer base and workforce, requiring a bigger space. In 2010, we moved our operation to WestGate@Crane Technology Park, and now employ 40+ talented people. Accelerated growth required Vice President Greg Sapp to take over operations, allowing Founder & President Greg Gossett to focus on what he loves most--engineering and customers.

For two decades, we have proven ourselves as the alternative to the status quo. We provide support to some of DoD’s most challenging engineering programs and projects. Our people work well in a team environment and deliver custom solutions of the highest caliber. But don’t take our word for it. The DoD consistently characterizes Artisan Electronics’ performance as excellent.

Every Artisan team member is highly skilled and highly valued. Our mentorship culture prepares our next generation of leaders. Senior engineers share their expertise with young engineers to continue Artisan’s legacy of hands-on customer service and stellar performance.

The Artisan advantage is unique to this industry: choice talent creating ideal solutions. Our agile team delivers innovation, solutions and confidence with integrity.